The Adventure Gear Catalog

Loquacious Parrot from The Adventure Gear Catalog

We’ve partnered with the Adventure Gear Catalog Team to bring you the finest Adventure Gear on the planet!  These amazing products are available exclusively in the PhuttBuckit Island Adventure game. And we are giving them away. All you have to do is play.

Collect free Adventure Gear. As you improve your skill you win more gear. You must collect all the gear you need to continue your voyage to the next island. And it’s not just any gear, it is official Adventure Gear Catalog Gear, the finest gear for all your adventures and exotic lawn chair lifestyle.

Download the free to play PhuttBuckit Island Adventure game on the App Store and start collecting your gear today!Numb Skull Pirate Elixir from The Adventure Gear Catalog

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The Adventure Gear Catalog Story

Spyglass from The Adventure Gear CatalogLong long ago, on a beach far far away, our founder sat with a small circle of friends on a hot afternoon in the shade beneath a large umbrella casually tossing stones into a bucket filled with ocean water, and he daydreamed about what was beyond the horizon, and imagined visiting distant shores.

So he set about building a raft that very day. After many trials and errors he had constructed a vessel worthy of his dreams, and set off on his maiden voyage. After his first few short adventures he had a realization: he would need more supplies and better equipment to realize his dreams of more distant and adventurous voyages. And not just any equipment or supplies. He wanted only the best gear and the finest provisions.

Treasure Map from The Adventure Gear CatalogHe set off across seven or maybe even eight seas in his quest. Did he out-swashbuckle pirates and bankers and unbury chests of treasure? Did he fearlessly cross shark infested waters with no life vest? Did he win the hearts of countless adventurous lasses? Did he have the best tan ever? He did – all that – and more.

All the while he searched out and collected the best gear. It served him well. He voyaged to the furthest reaches of the tropical world having profound experiences and adventures on remote atolls and islands, meeting local inhabitants who taught him the ancient wisdom of navigation, survival, and throwing the best luau on the block!

One day it dawned on him – it was too much bounty for just one person. And so he decided to share this wisdom, and his collection, with the world.

The Adventure Gear Catalog was thus born. The rest is history.

Whether you are a novice voyager dreaming about setting off on your first adventure, an old hand preparing for your next one, planning a beach or pool party, or just sitting in your lawn chair with a cold one daydreaming about what’s just over the horizon, we offer the absolute finest, carefully selected collection of Adventure Gear and Lifestyle products to enhance all of your adventures and everyday experiences.